A while back I was looking for free printable reading comprehension worksheets for first graders, and I realized that I needed to sift through the online search results: Some of the sites required you to register, some of the sites offered free sheets but they weren’t what I was looking for. Below I have compiled a list of 6 sites, along with the number of free reading comprehension sheets for each site. All the sites satisfy the following criteria:

  • Completely free — no need to buy anything.
  • No need to register for the site.
  • The sheets all have an article/poem for kids to read, and the kids then need to answer questions based on what they read.
  • The sheets can be easily printed — on some site you may have to look around to find a way to print the sheets.

The list of sites are as follows:

That’s a total of 160 sheets. Assuming your kid does one sheet a day for each school day, this set of reading comprehension worksheets will last you almost the entire school year.

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